David Douglas

Higher is the first track of David Douglas upcoming debut full-length album due to release 20th of May this year.

Pitchfork premiered the new track on their site. The full EP includes remixes by Weval, Mattheis and Throwing Snow.

Amsterdam NL 11 April 2014 Atomnation showcase @ Studio 80
Haarlem NL 20 April 2014 Soep op Zondag
Krasnodar RUS 02 May 2014 May Weekends
Amsterdam NL 15 May 2014 Album Release @ BAUT
Utrecht NL 04 April 2014 Pissing In The Wind @ Ekko
Apeldoorn NL 22 February 2014 Poppodium Gigant
Utrecht NL 22 February 2014 Rumor 76 @ Rara
Amsterdam NL 23 November 2013 OCII
Amsterdam NL 19 October 2013 RTFKT night @ OT301 (ADE)
Amsterdam NL 18 October 2013 Making Waves @ Winston (ADE)
Amsterdam NL 12 October 2013 Shugar @ Paradiso
Groningen NL 17 January 2013 Noorderslag / Eurosonic
Utrecht NL 09 December 2012 Slow Magic support @ Tivoli
Utrecht NL 09 November 2012 Hostie Hostie @ EKKO
Amsterdam NL 28 September 2012 Discovery Festival

David Douglas is an Utrecht based electronica producer. He released his debut EP “Royal Horticultural Society” in 2012 and starts 2014 with a brand new single, entitled “Higher”. Higher is the first track of his new full-length album due to release later this year.

Beside David’s work as a musician, he makes a part time living as a video director. Over the years, he has worked on several major television and film productions and he has directed music video’s for artists like Blaudzun, John Coffey, Daniel Beddingfield and for his own track “California Poppy”.

Inspired by the stories of his namesake David Douglas (1799) – a Scottish plant hunter who explored North America collecting seeds of plants and trees unknown to mankind at that time – David (1983) started looking for his own musical roots. The greatness of nature – the sublime mountain landscapes, Icelandic lupine fields, Arctic coastlines, Californian fir forest – invigorate his music.

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Xlr8r: ‘‘Utrecht-based producer David Douglas shares more than a name with the 19th century plant-hunting Scotsman; like the Douglas of old, the 20-something beatmaker is invigorated by the greatness of nature, and uses it as his muse when creating rich and atmospheric sounds.”

Beardrock: “Lurching and woozy, the synthesized timbres on ‘California Poppy’ swirl the brain as if it were a great pulsating paint pot. The colours lazily drip through the body and form a puddle of glowing warmth in the pit of the stomach.”

Sonic Router: “Being a fan of making such shaky reasonings and segue ways myself, it makes me smile how the label goes on to talk about how the modern day Douglas is now procuring his own musical seeds and sowing them whilst being inspired by the nature that’s all around him…’‘

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Moon Observations is David’s debut full length album and will be released on 20th May this year on vinyl, digital and cd.
Pre-order of Moon Observations including immediate download of 3 tracks in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more). You’ll also get the complete album the moment it’s released.


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